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This page is dedicated to my works on the new LEGO(R) Mindstorms the new way to play LEGO, using some lego technic pieces, motors, sensors and some fantasy touch you can build a new robot.


RCX the CPU of your Robot

I have noted that in the web space there aren't complete packages to build your projects on Microsoft(r) platform that can be done simply & fast (legOS is so complex and UNIX dependent), so I created Quite C, a C compiler (EGCS 1.1.2) with a complete (ROM based) lib that you can use to build very complex programs with your RCX (all 32K memory is yours!).

If you want to use a more standard way, use NQC and BrixCC with at least:

  • Standard RCX2.0 firmware firm0328.lgo
    This is the last original firmware that work ok for NQC
  • Dick Swan 10x firmware fast0103.lgo
    Old & slow, but extremely compatible
  • Dick Swan 100x Firmware fast0612.lgo
    Only few discrepancies with NQC 3.1r5
  • Dick Swan Firmware fast0722.lgo
  • Dick Swan Firmware fast0753.lgo
    Work only with RobotC software (exception 11 Invalid Opcode if using NQC)
This is the reference documentation about Dick Swan Firmware:
New Opcodes
Quick Start Guide
Firmware Features
Performance Testing

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